Episode 4:'s Associate Editor ponders what exactly is best to feed a miniature foodie

Dec 16, 2011

Situation Fusion
I love Indian food. A LOT. Like I eat crummy microwave saag paneer on a weekly basis to get my fix when my friends won't accompany me to a real restaurant. Anecdotally, I'll go on record and say, yes, as crazy as it is people are really terrified of Indian food. I think it's a combo of the dishes' liquidity and spice that scares folks off (people like food with defined borders), but I'm a massive fan. If you want solid, traditional Indian food with a side of amazing times, I'd recommend Panna II, unless of course you are sensitive to light at all. Then do not go there! The chili pepper lights will surely send you to seizures.

Digressing, I cannot get over the combination of delicious food and eye candy that this shindig brought. Catfish hush puppies. Lobster Goan Curry. Yumtown, USA. Then we have some of the finest servers we've seen this season -- including Roblé's adorable girlfriend Ayan and William the mixologist. Honey, William. Dang. Plus Nigel Barker was there! No wonder the shindig evolved into a dance party. All that hotness had to manifest itself somehow. And, of course, Shawn and Artie brought some major moves. Even Roblé got to cut a rug.

We won't see until 2012, but when we're back, it's a canine ceremony as two chihuahua's get hitched. And isn't that an event worth waiting for?