Episode 6:'s Associate Editor doesn't cry for spilled key limes, but she does weep for ice luges.

Jan 6, 2012

Hola Robleezy fans. We're back and getting bigger and bigger this week, with a Jersey bachelorette party and a dinner party for none other than the Ms. Bevy Smith. No pressure. No tequila-soaked pressure at all. Let's recap shall we?

Tore Down Drunk
After making what looks to be the most delicious banana nut waffles I've ever seen, Jasmine informs Roblé that she's already booked the next client -- a Jersey bachelorette who wants to bring Vegas gambling and carousing to the Garden State.

And those girls aren't kidding. When Roblé and Jazz get to the consult the ladies are already drinking and begging for an ice luge. Foodwise, they're thinking of fancy grilled cheese and brussel sprouts (which are actually my two favorite foods, which either makes me a lush or a small child), so Roble ponders foods that have maximum alcohol soaking up potential. Meanwhile Jazz and Shawn soak up the sexy vibe at a sex toy shop, assembling some delightfully good goodie bags for the guests (making it the second party of the season with vibrators! One more and it's a trend).

After Che doesn't make it (the baby was sick), Kiku steps up and helps with the savory, which is good because there was lots to be done -- asparagus flan! Razor clams casino! Jello Shots with Pop Rocks in them. It's pretty stressful. Roblé even micromanages a bit, until Adam finally slips on Che's glasses to calm everyone down.

And despite the luge not being an actual luge, everything works out. The ladies get "tore down drunk" and eat as much food as Roble gives them. The sailor stripe does not disappoint -- even if he grinds on a dog. This made me wonder if last week's wedded pooches got a lapdance before walking down the aisle. It seems sad that they would have begun married life without getting on more chance to get frisky.