Episode 6:'s Associate Editor doesn't cry for spilled key limes, but she does weep for ice luges.

Jan 6, 2012

A Bevy of Requests
Roblé's next event is a biggie. He's catering an event for dinner party impresario Bevy Smith. This is no goobery dog wedding, these are legit hardcore foodies who want five-courses of delicious and ridiculous food. All of the dishes need to be delicious. Bevy does not want "white lady" gazpacho. She must have lobster. She loves key lime -- but not a key lime pie. Everything must be sexy. I love when people describe food as sexy. It makes total sense, of course, food can be super sensual, but it just seems like such a vague notion. What kind of sexy? Do you want sexy and aloof? Sexy and sophisticated? Sexy and unavailable (which is personally how I like all my food, sexy and not open).

I have to really commend Jazz for the decor of this party. It was
really, really beautiful. I'm a sucker for natural green flowers and
dark purples, and the horse lamp also really added something (Hello
Kelly Killoren Bensimon!). Also, of course, the food looked ri-donk-ulous. That lobster! Even the farmer's market salad looked insane. Of course, things didn't make it to the plate without a few mishaps (Rob will probably never look at a lime without a twinge of sadness again), but thank god there were enough limes in the world to create the amazing semi-fredo. Dear G-d, did that look amazing. It's definitely the sophisticated twist on Cherry Limeade I've been waiting my whole life for.

Of course the bigger drama was Shawn's issues with the waitstaff. At the end of the day, Bevy didn't say anything -- but that doesn't mean he couldn't have handled the evening a little better. Next week will tell what the fallout of his fight with Artie was.