Episode 8:'s Associate Editor ponders goats on boats and rejoices in an inebriated Rachel Dratch.

Jan 19, 2012

Roblé fans, it's our final moments together this season. Let's cherish them as we recap the finale.

Tapas Anxiety, also Regular Anxiety
We open with a little bit of tension. Roblé and Jasmine are having hamburgers and discussing how they can't fight anymore (which is always the surest way to get people to stop fighting, right? Just tell them that they aren't allowed). They don't have time for all this trouble -- they need to cater a party for Rachel Dratch!

How much do I love Rachel Dratch? It's impossible to measure it statistically. Remember when she was appearing as Liz Lemon's visions on 30 Rock? Did you see Spring Breakdown? It's really a delight of an under-rated film (my favorite moment being when Parker Posey exclaims "We're people, not tacos." Look into that fine piece of cinema if you can.

And as if I didn't adore the Dratch enough, she accurately explains the stress that is eating tapas (tapas anxiety is the term she uses). Let's all be honest here -- sometimes it's hard to share food with strangers. It doesn't make you a fat kid. It just means that you have lived a life eating with people who aren't phenomenal at sharing food (I'm looking at you Dad).

Adding to the tapas anxiety, Jasmine meets with a good pal who does something unexpected -- she offers her a job she can't refuse. We'll see how that all shakes out.

Until then Che's just wearing overalls whipping up Spanish fare, all of which looks so delicious I would definitely feel anxiety if I had to share. As if the prevalence of goat cheese and pork wasn't enough of a party, Adam brings out a Spanish wine contraption that forces people to chug wine and then do graceful things with their wrists. It leads Rachel to pretty drunken levels of enjoyment.

Between that, the slow clap for duck fat, and some guy chugging hot chocolate it seems like the party a rousing success.