Episode 8:'s Associate Editor ponders goats on boats and rejoices in an inebriated Rachel Dratch.

Jan 19, 2012

I'm on a goat, and I'm a boat
Roblé's next clients are Tyson and Malcolm, who recently wed and now want to have not a reception, but an after party. I love them already. The guys want a flashy, pan-Caribbean festivus to celebrate their wedding (one of the first gay matrimonies in NYC). It's FASHION as they repeat several times. The party is going to have a runway (which Artie models incredibly). Even with the runway, Adam thinks all wedding are the same (at least the ones for humans). However, I stand with Kiku -- a good wedding is a joy, an event filled with copious drinks and loads of good looking gents. And with the really delicious food Roblé's making the groomzillas should have no reason to come out.

The food flowed (even with that one guy taking three shrimp. Did anyone else see that? Cool it buddy!), particularly the Curried Goat in a Boat (which you have to say in a Caribbean accent). The Co. men ogled the models. And Malcolm and Tyson looked especially fierce (as did their poodles). Kudos to them for putting a ring on it!

On love and business
After all the joy and matrimonial bliss, Jasmine and Roblé finally went outside to discuss the job offer. It really broke my tiny heart when Jasmine said she just wanted to watch a movie. That's the saddest desire I can imagine. Roblé needs to get her a Netflix account and a bag of popcorn for what he's put her through. In the same light I was wondered why she didn't just watch a movie on a night she wasn't working, but again I don't have her schedule on hand.

Fandango tickets aside, both of them seemed unable to bend on the issues. And so Jasmine walked, leaving the Co. in a state of flux and us with a Mad Men style cliffhanger on our hands. . .

Until we meet again Roblé fans. Thanks so much for a great season and throw a party or two in the interm. It's what Roblé would want!