Episode 4:'s Associate Editor ponders what exactly is best to feed a miniature foodie

Who doesn't love kids? They're cute. They love playing. They have highly specific food desires.

Yup Roblé had a very young Ruth Reichel on his hands. This kid has some thoughts on green peas and edamame. I too didn't have some of these more exotic dishes until I was a bit holder, however I didn't eat Pop Tarts until I was like 10 either (that is just as equal of a mistake in my book).  So let's see how Mr. Ali handled this and his attempt to combine Bollywood and Hollywood (while sadly, ignoring Dollywood).

B.O.D.: B---h on Duty
Not only was the tot a tough client, Roblé was dealing with his mother, and her designated bad cop, Tamara. I have to give her some mondo credit for stepping into her role with gusto. I do have to wonder what the story was pre-meet and greet with Roblé. Was Oliver's mom like, "Oh hai, would you be interested in being my muscle for this party? I would rather focus on the fun this week?" Or do you have to draft up a formal paper requesting someone's work as a B.O.D.

And she did her job like a champ, ensuring that everything was up to snuff. Thankfully the entertainment delighted (though I did love me some Magic Al and the idea of a lady tap dancing on the beach, how would that even work!?) and even if some of the food was late coming out, Roblé dazzled. . . minus the fortune cookie situation.

How the Fortune Cookie Crumbled
We learn a lot about Adam this week. We learn, that when he swims in the ocean he looks like Jesus. We learn he's a bit of ladies' man, and we learn most of all that he is perhaps a little too subversive for children's comedy.

Yes, his booger fortunes didn't go over too well. Unfortunately, kids don't really "get" subtle comedy, like "Insert Fortune Here.” I personally would have been delighted to get a cooties-related fortune from Mr. Banks. (There's his ladies' man status flaring up again.) Plus, good on him for trying to explain to the world that the nutritional value of boogers is surprisingly low. Those kids can't grow up thinking sushi and boogers are enough to live on.

In the end the rest of the children's festivus was enough to pull Roblé out of the dog house. The kids seemed to like most of the food, except the fruit sushi which Oliver declared "pedestrian and overdone" (just kidding! He just yelled "No!" and ran away).

Situation Fusion
I love Indian food. A LOT. Like I eat crummy microwave saag paneer on a weekly basis to get my fix when my friends won't accompany me to a real restaurant. Anecdotally, I'll go on record and say, yes, as crazy as it is people are really terrified of Indian food. I think it's a combo of the dishes' liquidity and spice that scares folks off (people like food with defined borders), but I'm a massive fan. If you want solid, traditional Indian food with a side of amazing times, I'd recommend Panna II, unless of course you are sensitive to light at all. Then do not go there! The chili pepper lights will surely send you to seizures.

Digressing, I cannot get over the combination of delicious food and eye candy that this shindig brought. Catfish hush puppies. Lobster Goan Curry. Yumtown, USA. Then we have some of the finest servers we've seen this season -- including Roblé's adorable girlfriend Ayan and William the mixologist. Honey, William. Dang. Plus Nigel Barker was there! No wonder the shindig evolved into a dance party. All that hotness had to manifest itself somehow. And, of course, Shawn and Artie brought some major moves. Even Roblé got to cut a rug.

We won't see until 2012, but when we're back, it's a canine ceremony as two chihuahua's get hitched. And isn't that an event worth waiting for?

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Artie: "Roble is My Client, Not My Boss"

Artie Thompson reflects on his relationships with Roble and Jasmine. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend! What were you thinking when you heard they were the clients?
Artie Thompson: I am a big fan of John Legend. I have been following for years. Chrissy, not so much. Lovely girl! You seemed a bit checked out during the first meeting with Chrissy and John. What happened?
AT: I was still waiting to speak to Roble after he walked out on me from the last event, Deuces. I was trying to remain professional, yet concerned since we had not spoken. You and Roble had a talk where you realized you had to make the decision not to be the boss this time. What was that like for you?
AT: I had a Come to Jesus moment when I realized I do not have to fight this battle with Roble as I do have my own company, Artie's Events Inc., and I am the boss there. Ultimately, I am still running the show whether Roble agrees with me or not. I don't like it when Roble tries to rub it to my face that the company is called Roble & Co. I don't work for Roble -- I work with Roble. Roble is my client, not my boss. That's the difference! Things really came to a head when Roble told you how to arrange the tables in the room. Were you ready to give up at that point?
AT: Whether Roble wants the tables to the right or to the left, it does not make a difference. I am still pulling all the parties together. Bottom line: it is Roble & Co., not Artie's Events. At the end of the day, you try to tolerate your client as much as you can without jeopardizing the event. And truly, it did not matter to me how the tables were arranged. You really didn't seem to want Shawn dressed up as a crab. Did you have a different vision for the party?
AT: No -- I think that Shawn has been labeled the party favor a little too much, and he needs to find a different position in the company -- as a waiter, as a Captain, or whatever. I think it's time for Shawn to grow out of it and hold a more responsible role in the company. Jasmine seemed to be a peacekeeper this week, even though you two have had your problems this season. Was that helpful for you?
AT: Jasmine understood the communication problems I had with Roble as she has also gone through it. That was helpful to be able to get my frustrations out with her. I want everybody to know I have a very good relationship with Jasmine. We have difference of opinions, but I really do like her as a person. But, at the end of the day Jasmine is still Roble's sister, and she is going to side with him. You and Roble ultimately make up and you seem to decide to stay on. How did you make your ultimate decision?
AT: The decision really hasn't been made, but I do feel that I am part of the team at Roble & Co. Roble gives me my space to run the front of the house -- pull things together at events. Ultimately, I do want to see Roble & Co. grow as a major catering company in New York. There is a lot to do different and better as a young company with so much potential. And I am here to support. How do you think the party went?
AT: Overall, I thought it was a wonderful party. We had a little drama. The staff was attentive and Chrissy and John really enjoyed themselves. Anything you'd like to add about the whole season? 
AT: What do I say to that? Ah, where do I start? I am going to have to say that I am glad that our fans got to see the growing pains of the company, the interaction between front of the house and the back of the house. After being in the business for so many years, you think you have seen it all, but Chef Roble & Co. have left me speechless in many ways, in a good way... I think. Any updates you'd like to give post season-wrap?
AT: I am working a lot with Roble, locally in New York and out-of-state. I also manage to devote my time to A2 Collections, my new bow tie line and Artie's Events Inc. Things are going well! 

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