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Many Hats

Jasmine hopes she and Roble can learn a lesson from Lynn and Sandy's 60 successful years. 

Our event celebrating Lynn and Sandy's 60th anniversary was truly eye opening. I had an opportunity to talk with her at length about all that it takes to not only stay in love and run a successful family venture together. She is filled with so much light and is surrounded by a host of wonderful family and friends. It was our great pleasure to give them a night to remember!

Guest of a Guest was an extremely hard event to pull off. Time and menu constraints really put us all under a lot of pressure. It took everything in me not to simply ask them to find another company to take on their event. Rachelle had some strong and unrealistic ideas on what she wanted to see. From a meat-free menu to asking that my servers be "invisible." I was completely annoyed. In addition the event was for 150 people at dinner time. . .people were hungry!

Roblé made a call, along with Molly's approval, to serve meat. While I was in agreement, I still had to be sure that we were pleasing the client. In the end Roblé won the gamble and Rachelle even tried to poach my servers!

It is extremely hard to watch scenes of Roblé and I bickering. We don't come from a family that fights, nor is it the way we live our lives. Because the company is so small it forces me to where many hats. I'd be perfectly happy soliciting clients and only handling the managerial part. . .but for now I have to be involved in staffing, ordering, designing, timing, schmoozing, putting out fires and every single element outside of the kitchen.

If Roblé and I can figure out this balancing act, we could very well be on track for our own 60 years of success!