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Medieval Madness and Doggie I Dos

Jasmine commends that Co. for hitting their groove in the Hamptons.

Catering and event planning is a world away from business and talent management. But I've taken on this enormous task to help my brother launch his company. The Hamptons is where the front of the house finally reached its groove.

The amount of work that went into Sir Ivan's Medieval Madness and the Doggie I Dos was insane! Managing all of the staff, scheduling all of the deliveries, hand selecting each item -- flowers, furniture, harpist, pooper scoopers, trolls, knights, chamapagne and pewter goblets! It was a grueling and challenging fete!

Not to mention dealing with Mother Nature threatening to rain on the Doggie Wedding and Sir Ivan refusing to leave his castle and greet his guest until everyone in attendance had on Medieval gear. . .the demands were endless!!!

But at the end, we set the new standard for A-List K-9 Nuptials and we appeased the Party King of The Hamptons!!!