Roble Ali

Chef Roblé Ali discusses the dramatics of this week's episode and what you shouldn't call Artie.

on Jan 10, 2012

So this last episode of Chef Roblé & Co. was by far the most dramatic we've seen. Shawn, John, and Artie all got into it at Bevy Smith's event and I flipped my lid on the kitchen. Let me explain why. I'll start with myself because that's easier.

Well. . .I know you all saw the gallon of key lime juice hit the floor. It took a lot of searching around to secure all of those limes. They were in season but it seems like everyone in town was snapping them up because I couldn't find them as easily as I would have expected. Once secured, it is a very tedious process hand-squeezing a gallon of juice from these tiny little pigmy limes. Aside from that I wanted to get the semifreddo made and set that night. Once it hit the ground I knew that it couldn't be done until the next day -- the day of the event. That day was already filled with things to do so, yeah. . .I lost my s--t.