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Chef Roblé Ali discusses the dramatics of this week's episode and what you shouldn't call Artie.

So this last episode of Chef Roblé & Co. was by far the most dramatic we've seen. Shawn, John, and Artie all got into it at Bevy Smith's event and I flipped my lid on the kitchen. Let me explain why. I'll start with myself because that's easier.

Well. . .I know you all saw the gallon of key lime juice hit the floor. It took a lot of searching around to secure all of those limes. They were in season but it seems like everyone in town was snapping them up because I couldn't find them as easily as I would have expected. Once secured, it is a very tedious process hand-squeezing a gallon of juice from these tiny little pigmy limes. Aside from that I wanted to get the semifreddo made and set that night. Once it hit the ground I knew that it couldn't be done until the next day -- the day of the event. That day was already filled with things to do so, yeah. . .I lost my s--t.

On to the guys. Shawn got upset initially because he felt that John was stepping on his toes. Shawn and I have worked together for years at Abigail Kirsch and he is used to being the floor captain. John joined us from another catering company, where he was the floor captain and he is very good at what he does. Understandably, John had some comments on how service was going and how it could be better. He made the mistake of breaking rank and making these suggestions in front of the whole service staff, instead of pulling Shawn to the side and making his suggestions in private.

So when you see Shawn and Artie in a heated discussion towards the end of the episode and Shawn remarks, “I don't need a motha f--ka in my face constantly questioning my judgement" he is actually talking about John and not Artie. If someone refers to Artie as a "motha f--k". . . I feel sorry for that person.