Roble Ali

Roblé explains why he decided to serve meat to the pescatarians.

on Jan 17, 2012

According to my Twitter feed most people understand why I did what I did and went against my clients wishes for the Guest of a Guest event. However, there were quite a few people that didnt understand. This ones for you. . .

First off, this event came up very last minute for me and I walked in to that meeting with the clients with a game plan. I had to follow my game pan as closely as possible to make sure that I could get these 150 plus guests fed -- and fed well -- in the short amount of time I had. The client requested pescatarian food, basically fish could be the only meat on the menu. I decided that I would give them three great fish options in the form of a ceviche station.

After Molly visited our kitchen I compromised with her and moved the grouper from the ceviche station to the taco station where it was the least requested option of the four total offerings (including pork, beef and chicken).