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Pay for Play

Chef Roblé Ali explains that if a client wants to spend $25K on a dog wedding, it's their choice.

Last night my Twitter feed lit up with comments about the doggie wedding we catered. Most people were commenting on how ridiculously hilarious it was and how well the decor was put together. I also got a lot of comments about how frivolous it is to spend $25,000 on a wedding for dogs.

Look, I would personally never do such a thing. I also don't own a pet or have that kind of disposable income. Even if I could afford it and I had a couple of little furry friends that I love, I still wouldn't. But that's me. I think people should have the liberty to do whatever the hell they like with their hard earned money. I'd rather see someone spend money on something they love than to "make it rain" on a bunch of strippers or dropping $250,000 in a nightclub on Cristal Champaign which I have seen. To each their own. If I had a problem with someone spending $25,000 on their dogs I'd make it my goal to make my own damn $25,000 of disposable income to spend as I see fit.

I'm running a business. As long as my client is not asking me to be a part of anything that's against my moral code or the penal code I'm down. If they're paying, I'm playing.