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The Burlesque Debacle

Roblé discusses his sister's choice of entertainment at Kandi's sex toy party.

OK, so at Kandi's event the burlesque performance was not very well received.

I know about burlesque. My first girlfriend ever grew up to be one of the the burlesque performers in the nation. I catered an event where Dita Von Teese was a guest of honor. One of my best friends' wife was a burlesque photographer. I've hung out at The Box in NYC several times.

That being said, I thought that having a burlesque performer at Kandi's event would be a good fit. It's something erotic, but's not overly raunchy, basically as classy as you can get when it comes to erotic performances.

Kandi asked my sister for "grown up" and "classy." -- that would be the polar opposite of the "ReDICKulous" performance at Kandi's birthday party this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. That's exactly what my sister was trying not to do.

Here's the thing. . .black folks aren't really that into burlesque -- at all. Neither my sister and I though about that before she booked the act. Kandi wasn't very specific and pretty much put the ball in my sister's hand and let her run with it. Next time she'll just have to be a little more diligent about making sure she's running in the right direction.