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The Sweet Spot

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The Sweet Spot

Roblé gives us the truth about his sweet tooth or lack thereof.

I'm not that big on sweets. I almost always skip dessert so it was a huge curve-ball for me to cater Kerin Rose's event. I was professionally trained on baking and pastry, but I'm a little out of practice. Thank God I had Kikuyo on the team and was able to come in and knock it out! Without her I would have been totally screwed.

I have to say that there wasn't a single thing on that dessert bar that I would eat. Neon colored things, sprinkles, edible spray paint, edible glitter. . .none of these things do it for me. Why would people want to eat that? I don't understand. I prefer to stick with natural ingredients. But hey, if that's what the client wants, it's our job to give it to them.

KIKU -- You're the BEST!!!