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You Are Correct Sir

Chef Roblé Ali gives major props to his girlfriend Ayan for saving the day by working as a server.

How awesome was it that my girlfriend came and saved the day for Rohan and Anjula's party?

I know that it seems too awesome and perfect to be real but it was 100 percent legit! What you see on my show is the real deal -- not staged like a lot of shows on other places. Back to Ayan -- if she hadn't come, we would have been totally screwed.

What you didn't see was that one of the model-servers we hired for the event was acting up at the last minute so Artie told her to go home. Artie does not mess around at all. He'd rather pass hors d'oeuvres himself than let someone be disrespectful at the event.

Ayan showed up at the drop of a dime and did an amazing job passing the food. The clients and guests loved her. One guy was like "Who is this beautiful Amazon woman"? I said "That's my girlfriend." He said "you are doing very well for yourself," and I said "In that you are correct sir." LOL!