Burning Questions

Kiku explains why she and Roble have been butting heads in Season 2.

Jul 3, 2013

Bravotv.com: This season, you're joined in the kitchen by Rob and you two seem to have a fun rapport. How's that working relationship been?
Kiku Polk: It's been a friggin' headache! Ha! Rob is a 12-year-old boy stuck in a grown man's body. A very big grown man's body. I love him though. He's like a puppy that tears up the couch cushions when you're away but is always there for a cuddle when you're home.

Bravotv.com: During prep you seem very confident about the chocolate lava cakes. Going in to the event, did you have any concerns about the dessert?
KP: Honestly, I didn't have any reason to be concerned. That chocolate lava cake was a recipe I had prepared many times over. Like Roble said, it's Pastry 101 .

Bravotv.com: The timing of the whole event seemed off. Did the slowness of the rest of the courses i.e. the salad affect the dessert? What happened?
KP: The timing absolutely affected the dessert. You can't tell me I have 15 minutes, then tell me I have 5. 10 minutes could mean the life or death of a cake. Anyone who's ever baked anything knows that.

Bravotv.com: You and Roble really get into it for the second time this season — why do you think you're having such conflict?
KP: I think the conflict comes from both of us being very passionate about what we do and feeling comfortable enough to speak our minds now. The first year we worked together, I think we just didn't want to step on each other's toes. I think now we're comfortable with each other, and we feel like we're fighting for what we love and believe in, so the gloves had to come off.