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Dan: My Music is NOT About Roble!

Dan sets the record straight on her feelings for her boss. Viewers might be surprised to know you sing/perform. Can you tell us how long you've been doing that?
Dan Cathcart: Music has always been a constant in my life! I started taking piano lessons and performing in musicals when I was 5. How far would you like to go with it?
DC: I don't think there is a final destination when it comes to my journey in the entertainment industry. I will say that I can't wait to tour with my own music once my EP is out this summer. Right now, I'm just living in the moment of having my first single on iTunes and my first music video out. Why was it so important that Roble attend your show?
DC: I think it's important for Roble to see what I'm doing for myself outside of being his personal assistant. He already knows I work hard, but now he can see me do something else I'm passionate about. He is a busy guy, but geesh I just wanted him to come to one show, and since this one was for my single, it was extra special to me. Your co-workers seemed to think you were basically serenading Roble — what was your perception?
Ha! I make eye contact with everyone that I can see at my shows! It's important to connect with the crowd and Roblé just happened to be in it. Plus, the songs I performed were written before I even knew who Roblé was, so anyone who that thought that I was delivering subliminal messages through song was wrong. Were you surprised when Jasmine came up to you to ask if you and Roble had anything between you? 
Yes, yes, and yes! I thought Jas was just pulling me aside to give me feedback about the performance. She completely caught me off-guard, I just wanted to mingle with everyone that came out to support; didn't expect anything more than that. Jasmine seemed to think you left the fashion show without saying goodbye because you were upset about Roble and all his exes, etc.
DC: I think there was just a lot of miscommunication that night. What is your love life situation?
DC: I'm single right now. I like for things to happen organically in that department of my life. Do you usually go for guys like Roble? What's your type?
DC: I am attracted to guys that a driven and confident in their career path, fearless but smart with their choices and actions, able to openly communicate, and are MATURE. I'm very sarcastic, so I love when a guy can keep up. Oh, and tall guys are always a beautiful thing. You were helping Jasmine and Artie with the wrinkled drapes, so you have firsthand look at how they work together. What do you think of their conflicts so far this season?
DC: I think that they just have two different ways of handling the pressure and stress that comes along with doing these events. Do you have any insight into their working relationship? 
DC: Not really, but as great as it is to work with family and close friends. It's that much harder when you have creative differences.