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Go, Team!

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Go, Team!

Roble expresses his pride over Nick Roldan's Hamptons event.

I'm so happy about the way this polo event turned out. It was a perfect rebound from the debacle that was the B. Scott event. It was a great morale booster for my team and me. I want to thank them all for being strong and powering through the disappointment of our last event and making this one a success. Nick was such a great and trusting client. He gave us the ball and let us run with it. I appreciate him for that. 

I'm extremely happy with the food we put out for that party. We've never made some of those dishes before but they turned out great! Everyone loved the food. 

Banks!!! Next time we do an out-of-town event, remember to pack your clothes properly because those damn socks!

Now, I don't know why Artie was so irritable and feisty. I hope he had some time to unravel his underwear; they were certainly in a bunch. 

Great job, team!!!