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Roble: What's the Rush?

Roble Ali explains why he wasn't worried about timing at Tyson's Chandler's birthday dinner.

The front of the house was freaking out about timing for Tyson Chandler event. I was not. You know why? Because I understand that the whole crowd is out there, and they're just sitting down, getting acquainted, and enjoying themselves. Artie was in a rush for whatever reason. Artie leads the front of the house, so when he goes into a crazed rush then the rest of his staff will as well. Trickle-down effect. There was no need to rush at all. This is not a restaurant. We don't need to turn tables quickly. We don't need to turn the table at all. We need to let people sit there, socialize, and have a great well-placed meal. I know how to do that, and that's what I did.

I can't believe the nerve of Shawn coming in the kitchen and telling me that the salad was "leaving now." Most chefs would have had a much crazier response to that than I did. I know some guys who probably would have suplexed Shawn down a fire escape for doing such a thing in the kitchen. That's highly disrespectful!! That's what happens when you work with friends, sometimes though. He forgets that when I'm in the kitchen, I'm not your homeboy anymore. I will spaz out on you quickly!!!! I love Shawn like a brother, though, so it's all good now. Kiku, on the other hand, is something that I still need to work out. To be continued.....