Courtney Kerr

Courtney's hoping to have the perfect career, man, and of course, outfit.

on Dec 5, 2013

Here's a couple tidbits and sneak peeks into my life, and a little bit of what you will see this season on Courtney Loves Dallas:

- If you haven't figured it out already, fashion is a HUGE part of my life! Not only does it play a role in my career, but getting dressed up and planning outfits is therapeutic for me. One can generally guess my mood based on what I am wearing. But heck, isn't that the fun part about fashion? You can dress up and be whatever you want to be every single day!

- Humor is everything to me. I love to laugh, I love to be sarcastic, and I love to smile. I was told as a young child that "If you can get people to laugh, then you can get them to do anything." And I pretty much still try to live by the mantra!

- My girlfriends are like sisters to me. We fight and we disagree, but we love and support each other so hard! Tori put it best when she said that we are really different…but that's truly what makes our relationships so unique!