Courtney on Cowtown, Cattle, Cancer

Courtney discusses the women that made an impact on her life and what's changed since her mom's diagnosis.

Despite what you all may think, there is actually one place I love more than Dallas: my hometown, Fort Worth, Texas. Although I have lived in Dallas for almost 10 years now, and consider it my home, Fort Worth will always have a special place in my heart. . .probably because it holds the most special person in my life, my mother, otherwise known as Mama Ro.

This week it was such a delight to share with y'all where I am from. And while Dallas is a lot of glitz and glam, Fort Worth brings out a part of me that is much more homely, simple, and family oriented. You got to meet Mama Ro (who some of y'all might remember from Most Eligible Dallas) as well as lady legend, my Mimi.

I can confidently say that these two women, along with my great grandmother, Grandma Helen, who passed away in 2009 have practically made me who I am today. (Fact: Have you caught a glimpse of that tattoo on my ribs? Its actually script of the date she passed in a font similar to her handwriting.) They always encouraged me to speak my mind, be confident, and stick to my own guns and opinion. . .even when it wasn't always the popular thing to do. These three women spent hours upon hours at dance recitals, theatre performances, cheerleading competitions, and even in dressing rooms shopping with me. These are the women who I want to be like one day. They are the shining example of grace, humility, and selflessness.

Although it was a special couple of days to get to spend with Mama Ro and Mimi. . and lets not forget Tori, who, without question, was there for support as well…it was hard not to let the "C" word slip into our special time together. I was scared. Mimi was scared. But Mama Ro -- she had faith. She was calm. She was laughing. She was all those emotions that I can't imagine having the day before cancer surgery. And the way that she shows her faith continues to remind me why she is the most incredible woman I know. Thankfully, due to a lot of prayers and the hand of God, Mama Ro comes out of surgery and, somehow, the cancer is not as bad as the doctors had originally told us. This blessing was more than we ever could have prayed for -- and her recovery time was cut in half!

This whole process with Mama Ro going into surgery really put a lot in perspective for me. It reminded me to live every day like it might be my last, to tell everyone around you that you love them, and to be grateful for friends like Tori that support you no matter what.

Thank you for all of your sweet messages and emails about Mama Ro. She is cancer free now and has had several reconstructive surgeries on her nose and she now looks perfect! We were blessed that she has such incredible doctors and surgeons operating on her. Thank you Dr. Mara and Dr. Anderson!

Also, while I am on the topic, a lot of you have asked what kind of cancer Mama Ro had. She was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma. She had no warning signs of it and had no clue there was cancer living on her face until she went into the doctor for her annual physical and he mentioned it.

But here is the important part of my mother's story: Her cancer could have been prevented. Her cancer was 100 percent a result of being in the sun without sunscreen. This was not only a wake up call for her, but also for me. I had spent many of my summers covering myself in tanning oil and laying in the sun for hours. In the winter, I would go to tanning beds. NO MORE! Since my mother's diagnosis, I have not gone into the sun without sunscreen and have not set foot into a tanning bed. Seeing my mother go through this experience allowed me finally understand all the warnings that I have heard over the years.

So ladies, I CAN'T SAY IT ENOUGH, stick to the spray tan and remember: SUNSCREEN IS YOUR FRIEND.

And as always, for more fashion inspiration and to find out the details on all the looks I wore in this week's episode, visit my website!


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"Is change always a good thing?"


As a woman who always has my career in mind, it’s inevitable. And in this episode, we see that change in my life is on the horizon -- and not always in the good way.

My career is really blooming, and I couldn't be happier. Thank God Matt is finally behind me, and I am looking forward at the new changes that are happening for me: The blog is beginning to really gain some momentum, the collection with Bauble Bar is locked down, my assistant is working really hard for me, and an additional new job as a morning talk show host is in the works. I AM BUSY, AND I AM HAPPY.

But I must admit, I have never been good at balancing it all.

In my perfect world, everything would seamlessly come together: I would find a rhythm between all of my commitments and no part of my life would get neglected…but that's easier said than done!

In this episode, we see a major change happening in my relationship with Tori, and unfortunately it was a change that I never saw coming. During this time in my life, I was SO OVERWHELMED. There weren't enough hours in the day. I was saying "yes" to everything: "Yes, I will be a blogger. Yes, I will host a morning talk show. Yes, I will do a jewelry collaboration with Bauble Bar. And, yes, Tori, I will throw your birthday party." I truly believed I could handle it all.

When I took Tori for "Birthday Shopping" and "Birthday Botox," I truly thought that was going to be fun for her. We love to shop, we love to pamper ourselves, and so I genuinely thought she would enjoy those moments of me treating her to them… And honestly, the botox wasn't intended to offend her. Most gals with a wrinkle or 2 would love to get rid of that frown, right?!

Unfortunately, this photo shoot with Casey, an LA based photographer, had been scheduled for months, and it happened to fall on the night of Tori's birthday party. He was in town for one day, and I wanted to take advantage of it. In my mind, we would shoot some pictures that morning and early afternoon, and then I would meet up with Tori and the girls in time for the party that night. Sounds like a plan, right?But Tori wasn't having it, and quite frankly, I was shocked…and here's why: Tori had always been the friend who was 100% supportive of my career. She understood that it came before anything else…and I mean ANYTHING. So I realistically believed that she would understand that this photo shoot was work and that it was one of those things I couldn't change, but that I was sorry.

Never in million years though did I expect Tori to let me have it and use my work against me when she came to see me at the photo shoot. I was furious that she had the audacity to scream and yell at me when I was in the middle of working. I understand where she was coming from looking back at the situation, but I still don't think that it was the appropriate time or place to have that conversation. But when she opened that can of worms, IT WAS ON. At that moment, I knew our relationship had changed somehow…somewhere along the line she changed from supporting my career to using it against me…and how could I fix it?!


And let me tell you, it gets uglier before it gets better… Be sure to stay tuned for the season finale of "Courtney Loves Dallas" next Thursday to see how it all goes down with my best friend, Tori!

P.S. Don't forget all of my looks from each show can be found on my blog!



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