Burning Questions
Sep 8, 2008



You and Chris seemed to get along well was there anyone in the house who was difficult to live with? Are you still friends with any of Jo's other dates?

Chris and I got along very well. We both have the same morals and values, so it was easy for us to get a long. To this day we are still good friends and talk regularly. Of all the guys I think Micah was the hardest to live with. I know that he didn't like me that much, and I didn't care for his crazy antics. Surprisingly enough when David and I shared a room we got a long fine. I got to know him better on personal level. I still think it's funny how David gave Slade so much crap. It was fun to sit back and watch. Most of the guys I still keep in contact with via Myspace. I flew out to Chicago a couple weeks ago with Chuck and Zack to hang out with Chris for a weekend. We had some good laughs reminiscing about the show. I talk to Chuck and Zack on regular basis as well.

Did you think Slade was intimidating?

HAHA! I'm 6'4'' 225 pounds. Slade never intimidated me at all.

Going into the last elimination, were you confident you would win or were you surprised with the outcome?

The only time I wasn't confident in the show was the first elimination I was in. I thought Jo was going to pick Ali because I supposedly lied to Slade about not going to her apartment. After the first round I was confident that Jo was going to pick me at the end.