Burning Questions

Hear from the runner-up of Date My Ex, Chris!

Sep 8, 2008


You and Lucas seemed to get along well - was there anyone in the house who was difficult to live with? Are you still friends with any of Jo's other dates?

David was difficult. They didn't show it, but David came back into the house after Jo kicked him out to confront her. He got in her face and I pushed him back. We almost got into a fight, but Lucas and Chuck separated us. David was an elitist - I never get along with those kind of people. Lucas, Zack and Chuck all flew out to Chicago to visit me and spent a long weekend immediately before the Palm Springs episode. We had a great time. They stayed at my condo in downtown Chicago that I usually rent out and went to some guest appearance parties at the top local Chicago clubs. You can see the pics on my myspace page. www.myspace.com/chrisgersch. I also keep in contact with Vlad and Micah from my episode and Peter and Ramiel from episode 5.


Did you think Slade was intimidating?

Slade was far from intimidating. He acted so tough - what a joke. He kept on calling us names and saying that if we walked in front of him he would have done something. First of all, real mature, and secondly, every one of the guys that came in the house would dominate Slade in a fight - except maybe David.