Jo De La Rosa

Meet Jo de la Rosa, and find out why she's looking for love!

on Jul 11, 2008

What was the best date you have ever been on? What made it memorable?

My date took me to his place and he had the food ready, with candles and glasses of wine set out. It was very intimate and romantic. It was just the two of us, so we could focus on us.

What's the most unusual date you have ever been on?

You'll be able to watch my most unusual date on Date My Ex. I go fishing and gut a fish. My date thought it would be sexy to show me the inside of a fish on our first date. Why, I have no idea!

What's the worst date you have ever been on? Why?

A guy invited me out for drinks, and I brought my girlfriend with me, and he was hitting on my girlfriend the entire night. Needless to say I never called him back. As a rule, always do the "hot girlfriend test."

What are some of your favorite date activities?

I love meeting a guy when he's out with his friends. He's not putting on an act, because his guys will call him on it. It's good to find out how a guy will interact with you in a social circle.

Any key dating DOs and DON'Ts?

Go to bookstore and sit in the magazine section and look for cute boys, grabbing your laptop and going to a coffee shop, cool to go a friend at work to see their co-workers.

What's the best way to meet someone?

I think it's best to meet people at work or in a work setting. That way things aren't forced, like internet dating no blind date setups. It's best for things to happen naturally.

What conversation topics should people avoid on the first few dates?

You should most definitely avoid talking about your past, especially ex-boyfriends or ex-relationships. I hate the question "how many people you have slept with?"

What are some tips to maintaining a successful long-term relationship? Would you give different advice for men and women?

I think communication is hugely important and honesty is key. A relationship is only fulfilling when there is honest communication from both sides, with neither side bottling up emotions.

What's the biggest mistake people make when dating?

A lot of people rush into things too quickly. They decide they are "boyfriend/girlfriend," move in together, or they get engaged too fast. By the way, I did the whole "moving in together too fast" thing, so I speak from experience. Rushing a relationship along can lead to problems down the road.

Out of all of Hollywood's leading men/women, who would you most like to go on a date with?

Jesse Metcalf!