Don't Be Tardy for the Recap

Episode 4:'s Associate Editor is obsessed with Chanel's wedding coif.

May 8, 20120

Finally. I couldn't wait any longer to see Chanel in that dog wig, and this week we finally were treated to the sheer elegance, sophistication, and magic of that image. There were also school dances, wigs, and mama drama. But that's all a bit hazy because there was a tiny dog in a tiny dog wig.

The Space Between

Brielle's getting ready for a major milestone in every woman's life -- her first homecoming dance. As Kim duly applies Brielle's makeup, mistakes her mole for dirt, and waxes nostalgic, she also worries about inappropriate touching between Brielle and her boyfriend. Kim's not afraid to "slap the sh-- out of him" if he gets frisky with her.Oh moms!

But more cute (and also more scary) is that Kroy's in complete agreement. God help Brielle's date, because I don't think you want a pro football player after you for messing with his daughter. I don't know what Kroy meant exactly when he said anyone who tried anything would be "done," but something tells me you wouldn't want to find out.

Side note: I think Kim and Kroy's acceptable dance demonstration should be widely distributed to high schools for educational purposes.


You are absolutely right that Kim should have told Karen she didn't want her at the catering thing, but the results would have been the same or worse. It was horrible that Karen's hissy fit kept her from supporting her daughter and meeting the in-laws. It was vindictive and childish and I wouldn't have taken pictures of those dresses to save my life. I'd tell my mother to wear whatever the hell she wanted but not to expect to be in any family pictures unless it's appropriate.