Don't Be Tardy for the Recap

Episode 4:'s Associate Editor is obsessed with Chanel's wedding coif.

May 8, 2012

Mother's Day?

Karen Zolciak is not having an easy time with this wedding. First she wasn't allowed to do any decorating, then there were all the restrictions on her dress, and now she's threatening not to come to the wedding after Kim sneakily did the tasting without her.

It's hard to say who's right or wrong, because it's Kim's wedding and she's paying for all of it, so yes, she can do what she wants. And yes, saying that you'll be sick and won't be coming is rather dramatic. But at the same time Kim should have probably have been honest and simply asked her not to come.

Kim should have just snapped a pic on Chanel in her wedding wig and sent it to her mother saying, "Do you really want to miss this?" Because the answer is no.