Don't Be Tardy for the Recap

Episode 5:'s Associate Editor examines Kim's Goldilocks-esque potty shopping.

May 18, 2012

The Vow

Alas, Channing Tatum was nowhere to be found while Kim attempted to write hers, but Jen luckily was on hand. And clearly these two were bound to come up with some beautiful, elegant words. Something on the level of Shakespeare, Byron, or Keats. Words that would encapsulate Kim and Kroy's pure, true, fairy-tale love for one another. Well let's review what they came up with, shall we?

"Your body is a work of art."

"When I first saw your ass, it made my va-jay-jay dance."

'Whether we're ballin', or not ballin'."

"Whether we're illin', or chillin'."

OK, so maybe not Shakespeare and more like Fifty Shades of Gray. But if you were to read this in iambic pentameter, it would probably make it sound a little more formal. Or maybe Kim should just meet with Coy secretly and get some pointers.