Don't Be Tardy for the Recap

Episode 5:'s Associate Editor examines Kim's Goldilocks-esque potty shopping.

May 18, 2012

Big Macs on the Big Day

I have to say, Kim might want to rethink hiring Colin Cowie as her wedding planner, because Brielle and Ariana have some pretty stellar wedding ideas. As I imagine sisters are wont to do, Brielle and Ariana pondered what exactly they'd like for their own weddings. Brielle wants it to be like Kim's, just with a gold, black, and white color scheme. Oh, and some cheeseburgers.

Ariana on the other hand went the destination wedding route. It's either Key West or Fiji for her. And I suppose to go along with the tropical vibe, her colors would be purple and hot pink. And there will be cheeseburgers.

Now I'm just hoping Kim had some cheeseburgers for the girls on the big day, because it's clearly not a wedding without some. And after all, isn't ground beef an aphrodisiac?