Don't Be Tardy for the Recap

Episode 9:'s Editor is in awe of the bathroom hygenine issues caused by Kim's wedding, but still feeling the love.

on Jun 13, 2012

After getting her mouth in check (and leaving Kroy an adorable voice message), it's finally the big moment. The A-list guests have arrived (Perez Hilton, Patti Stanger, Psychic Rose in a fur!) and the helicopters are circling (how cute was Kim taking some joy in that -- can't blame you sweetheart). I think I start crying about the same time Kroy did, and it looked like so did the rest of the house, particularly when Kroy whipped out a few extra rings. Nope, this wasn't an episode of Sister Wives. Instead it was a charming dedication to the younger Zolciaks, and probably the moment that sent me most over the edge on the tear meter.

But just when you thought it was safe to do the chicken dance, Karen strikes again. And this time she's packing heat. Evidently Karen's not a fan of the fancy porta-potties, so she insists that she and her sister be allowed into the house. This of course breaks Kim's rules, and the bouncers swarm around her prompting Karen to threaten to burn down the house. Yikes! (Doesn't that seem a little counter intuitive?) Luckily before any arson is committed, Kroy steps in and explains to Karen that not even his family can go inside the house.

This doesn't go well, as you might imagine, and Kim's mom is eventually ejected. It's sort of bittersweet seeing the cake cut sans parent, but after some tunes from Kandi -- and finally the jumpsuit reveal -- Kim and Kroy can just enjoy each other's company. And so they trot up into the house to start their lives together.

Thanks for watching Tardy-fans. May your own love lives be as filled with wigs and joy as Mrs. Biermanns.