Kim Zolciak

Kim explains why she was so stressed about spending time with her in-laws.

on May 7, 2012

Kroy had to work all day and my girls were in school all day, so all day it was just me, baby KJ, and Kroy's family. It was actually really fun. Kroy’s mom taught me how to make his favorite meal, beef stroganoff. You guys saw how that went, OH MY! I still have yet to make it for him again, I need to get on the ball. We played with the kids all day, shared funny stories from Kroy's childhood, and I really enjoyed all their help with KJ.

I wanted Kroy's mom's to feel special on our wedding day, so I had Shun come over with some options for her to choose from so the stress of trying to find something in Montana was taken out of the equation. My mom, as you saw, never showed up... I thought us ladies could have a fun day together, but with my mom absent it was really disappointed. You will get to see how all that unfolds in the next few episodes. It gets bumpy, so hold on to your seats and enjoy the ride.

Until next week,

Kim Biermann