Kim Zolciak

Kim introduces you to the key figures in her wedding prep adventures.

on Apr 30, 2012

Shun has been styling me for a couple of years now, and she is the best. I have always "styled" myself, but when I got pregnant with KJ and my body was changing monthly, I needed some serious help LOL. She always has the hottest clothes and shoes, and now she styles my husband, my girls, and baby KJ. Not too many stylists can pull off styling a football player with a bigger booty and thighs and a smaller waist, or a 10-year-old that I want to keep dressed like a 10-year-old, or a 15-year-old that needs to look 15 and not 21, if you catch my drift. She has styled me with just a few hours notice and knocked it out of the park, so I figured she could handle my wedding party, my parents, and my soon to be in-laws. But when she said, “I was f---ing delusional," I got a little nervous! Shun is also a dear friend of mine, so with that kind of relationship comes the stress of keeping everything balanced during a time crunch. You can follow her on Twitter @shunmelson.

Jim the trainer...Oh my... As you all know, I dislike working out. I have never been a big fan of lifting weights or exercising. I do enjoy long walks with my family, but that is the extent of it. But I wanted to look amazing on my wedding day and tone up, so Kroy hired the best trainer in Atlanta. Jim has trained NFL players, models, etc, so he is quite diverse. Well, as you saw, motivated as I was in my mind, my body had a different idea. I had gained 50 pounds with KJ, lost 45 pounds in six weeks (how I have no idea other than Dr. Hood my OB said I had a lot of water weight), but I still had that 5 pounds to go. Needless to say I never really lost that 5 pounds, because after that one work out session I didn’t have the time nor the energy to keep going. I had a wedding to plan in 8 weeks! You can follow Jim on Twitter @jimlauner.