The Incredible Journey

Kim introduces you to the key figures in her wedding prep adventures.

What an exciting season premiere! I first want to THANK YOU all of you for your support! I love reading all my Twitter comments from you guys, so follow me @kimzolciak.

Let’s get right into it!

Oh Jen...She has been my best friend for over twelve years, she does NOT like the "limelight" at all and has ALWAYS remained behind the scenes. But hey, when your best friend is getting married and you are the matron of honor, it kind of throws you in it. She was so supportive. I am so glad you guys got to meet her, she is truly one of the most incredible people I have ever met in my life. She helped me with my girls when I was single, she has been there for me through all my ups and downs, she has been with me on all my appearances, and I just love her to pieces. She makes me laugh constantly. Her one liners are the best, and no, Jen does not have a Twitter. I asked her to get one for you guys, and she was like, "Kim, no ma'am, I am not doing this whole Twitter thing." I’ll keep working on it.

Shun has been styling me for a couple of years now, and she is the best. I have always "styled" myself, but when I got pregnant with KJ and my body was changing monthly, I needed some serious help LOL. She always has the hottest clothes and shoes, and now she styles my husband, my girls, and baby KJ. Not too many stylists can pull off styling a football player with a bigger booty and thighs and a smaller waist, or a 10-year-old that I want to keep dressed like a 10-year-old, or a 15-year-old that needs to look 15 and not 21, if you catch my drift. She has styled me with just a few hours notice and knocked it out of the park, so I figured she could handle my wedding party, my parents, and my soon to be in-laws. But when she said, “I was f---ing delusional," I got a little nervous! Shun is also a dear friend of mine, so with that kind of relationship comes the stress of keeping everything balanced during a time crunch. You can follow her on Twitter @shunmelson.

Jim the trainer...Oh my... As you all know, I dislike working out. I have never been a big fan of lifting weights or exercising. I do enjoy long walks with my family, but that is the extent of it. But I wanted to look amazing on my wedding day and tone up, so Kroy hired the best trainer in Atlanta. Jim has trained NFL players, models, etc, so he is quite diverse. Well, as you saw, motivated as I was in my mind, my body had a different idea. I had gained 50 pounds with KJ, lost 45 pounds in six weeks (how I have no idea other than Dr. Hood my OB said I had a lot of water weight), but I still had that 5 pounds to go. Needless to say I never really lost that 5 pounds, because after that one work out session I didn’t have the time nor the energy to keep going. I had a wedding to plan in 8 weeks! You can follow Jim on Twitter @jimlauner.
Colin Cowie is known to be the "best" wedding planner, and I knew if anyone could pull this off in 8 weeks, it would be him. My mom is kind of obsessed with Colin, and she REALLY wanted to be at the first meeting. I mean hey, her daughter is getting married and she really wanted to be involved, so I let her come. She was respectful, but did get all of Colin's contact information before he left that day as well as his assistant’s, which made me nervous because I didn’t want her calling him behind the scenes to give him ideas on what she thought would be a perfect wedding. You guys will see how all that unfolds in the next few episodes.

NYC! I was so sad leaving KJ, It was first time leaving him overnight, and I was wreck. It took all I had in me to get on that plane, and I drove Kroy nuts texting and calling him to check on baby KJ. I knew that Kroy could handle it, he is the best daddy ever, but I was having some serious separation anxiety. I also knew that my girls needed some one-on-one time with me, since things have been so hectic lately, and I figured what better way than to have them come to NYC with me and enjoy the big apple. We had a blast! We attended Pnina Tornai's wedding dress fashion show, which you guys didn’t get to see, and my girls helped me pick out some dresses. It was so fun! I didn’t have them in the hotel room with me when I made my final decision, because I wanted to surprise them as well as Kroy, and I didn’t want them telling Kroy anything about my final selection, so they were out with Jen shopping and enjoying Ariana's 10th birthday! Serendipity was a blast, my girls are amazing. I think it really hit us that mommy was getting married to the most incredible man ever, and we all got so emotional. Like this is it! We have been a team, just me and the girls, for 10 plus years and now they have a father figure and mommy met her soul mate. We all connected again on another level realizing that the pieces we have been missing have now been found and filled.

I loved these two episodes! I laughed and I cried.

I have to thank my producers Carlos, Dom, and Bianca for their constant support throughout this season. There were many times I wanted to scream and cry, and they were always supportive and gave me a BIG HUG when I needed it most.

Stay tuned every Thursday at 9:30pm to watch this incredible journey unfold. It’s going to be quite the ride!

P.S. My gorgeous husband’s Twitter is @biermann71. I see a lot of tweets going to the wrong Kroy LOL.
"Don't worry about the people in your past, there's a reason why they didn't make it into your future."

Kim Biermann

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Steroids and Wine

Episode 8:'s Associate Editor is very concerned for Kim's liver.

The tension is mounting! This episode was such a horrible tease, since we only get a glimpse at the wedding. We've been waiting for weeks to see that wedding jumpsuit in action, COME ON! But good wigs come to those who wait I suppose, and there were still plenty of entertaining moments during the pre-wedding panic.

Steroids and Wine

Jen returns! Tears are shed and our Lucy is reunited with her Ethel. Jen couldn't be happier to have shed the matron of honor stress, and now gets to go back to doing what she does best -- drinking with Kim. So while lashes are applied and hair is curled, Jen sets off in search of the booze. And Kim's antibiotics. Hold up. Aren't you supposed to keep alcohol far away from you when on antibiotics? Well for mere mortals these may be the rules, but not for Kim Zolciak. By the divine grace of her wigs, it would seem that Kim somehow managed to keep her liver intact. (Although I guess we haven't gotten to the big event yet...)

I was also a big fan of how Jen totally called out Brielle when she suggested that Kim drink her red wine through a straw, as this is the commonly known way to avoid wine teeth. Whoops! Though I doubt Brielle is out with her friends drinking bottles of red and hiding it by drinking from a straw. Everybody knows (Phaedra moment!) that teens opt for classy alcoholic beverages like Mike's Hard Lemonade, Zima, and wine coolers. Duh!

100% Pure Love (and Joy)

Kroy and Coy in a Porsche? That is one extra hot ride... But I digress.

Forget looking for men in the gym or the grocery store, evidently they're keeping all the good ones in Montana (or just on the Atlanta Falcons, hard to say). Seriously, did Kroy come off some previously unknown planet for hot and sweet men? He's just calm, cool, and totally ecstatic about marrying Kim. No wedding day jitters, just complete confidence in the fact that he's finally found the woman for him. He always manages to keep it positive: "The years ahead of us are going to be nothing but happy and successful and enjoyable." This guy is cuter than KJ and Chanel combined. Well, almost, but that's still saying something.
Derek J Date

If there's one thing that really seems to be stressing out Kim to no end, it's getting her wedding wig cut. She was so adamant about having it done before the wedding day, but that didn't happen. Derek J didn't even make it to Kim's house until two hours before the big event. Why you ask? It would seem that Kandi hijacked Derek J for "ten hours" that morning to give her a wedding-worthy 'do. Ten hours? What in the world was Derek doing to her hair? In that amount of time he probably could have crafted and cut an entirely new wig for her. Now I'm dying to see what exactly he did to Kandi's coif.

I also love the Derek J just doesn't take any BS from Kim. As soon as she starts going off on him, he fires back by calling her ma'am. I think that's the equivalent of your parent using your full name to yell at you in Derek J's universe. Let's hope he doesn't displease Kim with his wig cutting.
Next week's the main event. Will it be a dream wedding or just a nightmare?

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