Kroy Biermann

Kroy was proud of Kim for trying to lose weight the old fashioned way for once.

on Apr 30, 2012

What an exciting two episodes to start things off. I know that you guys haven't really gotten to know me all that much on RHOA, and for my football fans this is also a different side. This is the husband/father side and what really goes on when I leave the field. Football will always be my priority, second to my wife and children, however I am supportive of my wife and her career and was excited to capture all the moments leading up to our special day on camera.

Getting married in the middle of football season is far from ideal, however with Kim as my future bride and knowing her spirituality and the meaning of 11/11/11, I couldn't agree more. She did an AMAZING job, allowing me to continue to focus on my career while she planned the wedding asking my input on important things or things she knew I wanted to be involved in.

With Kim and I trying to decide where our special day would be, my first reaction to her saying she wanted a small wedding was what better place than Montana, where I was born and raised. For those of you have been there, you know the magnificent scenery and beauty that could make a wedding spectacular, but for Kim, who has never been to Montana, it was hard for her to imagine. I realistically could never gone there anyway due to my football schedule, so what better place than our home!