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Kim Talks Ta-Tas

Kim Zolciak dishes on her plastic surgery makeover (and her love of pizza). How difficult was the recovery from your surgery?
Kim Zolciak: The recovery was easy breezy -- nothing like I expected! Dr. Hochstein has it down to a science! Are you happy with the results?
KZ: I am super happy. They don't call him the "Boob God" for no reason! I love my new ta-tas! Was Kroy a good nurse?
KZ: Kroy should be a doctor after the NFL! He took such good care of me, making sure I had my meds. He helped me wash my hair, he cooked, he did everything for me! Did he ever get you that pizza?
KZ: Yes! Pizza is my obsession; I eat pizza at least two times per week. Were Brielle and Ariana good babysitters?
KZ: Ariana is incredible with the little ones, she is always helping out. She enjoys playing with them where as Brielle thinks they are cute and all, but she isn't really interested in playing with them for more than twenty minutes! However Brielle is always up for an Instagram or Twitter photo with them.

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