Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Kim opens up about her mother.

on Apr 16, 2013

A couple weeks after Kash was born my publicist informed me that my mother, whom I haven't seen or spoken to since my wedding, is writing a tell-all book about me and not long after that I found out she is suing for visitation rights of Brielle and Ariana! Now listen, despite my differences with my mother, I would never poison my children's mind about their opinion of her! I’d never keep them from seeing her or even tell them to ignore her. That's their grandmother, and I would love for them to have a relationship with her, but sadly she hasn't tried to keep one with them! It hurts that my own mom would do something like this to me and her grandchildren for what seems like publicity and money, but that's just another reason I'm so grateful for the family unit I do have with my husband and our four children whom we would do ANYTHING for!

I'll continue to be grateful, positive and humble through this whole thing, because I believe one day my mom will come to her senses and realize if this mess doesn't stop, she'll have no relationship with any of us. But even through rough times like these, I still know I'm blessed.