Brielle's "Best Friend"

Kim still isn't convinced that Brielle and her date are just friends.

Hola! (My attempt at Spanish.) What a cute episode!

Both my girls have always made great grades in school. Ariana is on the honor roll and for most of Brielle's academic career she has been too, but I know how hard geometry and science have been for her this year, and it's shown in her grades. Kroy and I realized that Brielle IS smart enough to make the grades she needs in order to succeed, she just hasn't been applying herself. We tried taking away her phone, laptop, etc. but nothing seemed to work. We just had to flat out tell her shape up or you won't be a happy camper and she has! Brielle passed all her classes this year with A's and B's and we are so proud of her! Looks like a car won't be too far away…But speaking of Brielle driving... She has grown up so fast! It was only yesterday that she needed me for everything and anything, and even though she'll always need her mama, she is going to leave the nest one day and I don't know what I'll do!

Her "BEST FRIEND" Nick is such a great kid, but Kroy and I have always believed that they have the "hots" for each other, which is OK because Nick is a great kid with a great family and he is very good to my daughter! But OF COURSE, me being the mother I am, I had to go snooping at their dinner and get caught! I trust Brielle, but that's forever and always going to be my baby girl! I'll learn one day...after her wedding.

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Kim Biermann

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Kim: No Boys Until High School

Kim Zolciak doesn't think her daughter Ariana should be thinking about boys for quite some time... Had you met Dr. Hochstein or his wife, Lisa, previously?
Kim Zolciak: I had never met Dr. Hochstein before or his beautiful wife, Lisa When would you consider letting Ariana have a boyfriend?
KZ: Not until she is married, LOL! I think boys shouldn't really be a part of any discussion until at least high school! Has Ariana tried to FaceTime with boys since you and Kroy caught her?
KZ: Not that I know of. I trust Ariana and she knows that she will lose her phone (her "life") for a long time if she doesn't abide by the rules. She is extremely focused right now on cheerleading, so I'll just keep her extremely busy until she is 30!