GK Reid

GK Reid shares his process for choosing clothing for a shoot.

on Jun 22, 20100

I love to travel the world and find the most unique cutting edge fashion that speaks to me of where fashion is going and expresses the personality of the celebrity and the photographers I'm working with. I'm a trend creator, not a follower. But what's most important to me is that everyone feels as good as they look.

I enjoy working with some of the most complex, powerful, intelligent artists, photographers and directors. Among them, Markus and Indrani keep me busy, always creatively challenged and on my toes. It may seem that they fight a lot, but we actually spend more time having fun together.

Wow, I wish you could all see the fun I have pulling the fabulous clothes together for a shoot.  Eve and I spoke on the phone a few days before this shoot about the fashion I was pulling, just so that we could feel great going into this. I try to talk to the people I'll be styling before the event, if our crazy schedules allow. Otherwise I just go with my instincts and tons of research. First, for Markus' "crouching" shot, I dressed Eve in an Agent Provocateur corset, David Delfin pants, and leather cut-out ankle boots by Hermes, which everyone agreed was fab. I loved the black python vest she wears in the second shot made by Jordan Betten of Lost Art which I paired with 7 for all Mankind jeans and Jimmy Choo leather ankle boots. We also do a shot of an amazing body conscious Jeremy Scott/Adidas electric blue continent dress and Agent Provocateur metallic platform pumps, which you don't get to see on the show but you can find pics of here on the Bravotv.com Double Exposure site. And last, we have the beautiful electric blue Opening Ceremony dress with lace accents and Christian Louboutin suede ankle booties. All the jewelry on Eve is by Paolo Costagli.

And if anyone is wondering Indrani wore a dress by Herve Leger.  

Whatever drama may be at hand, I try my best to focus the team on making the greatest pictures. Eve was a total pleasure to work with. Beautiful and no nonsense.  

I've never seen Markus and Indrani fight so hard. Usually I'm there to keep them from killing each other. When I met Indrani she would have been happy to stay in a tent to save money and she never raised her voice above a whisper. Now there's no turning back! The hotel room drama was silly, but it raised important issues between them that needed to be resolved. My own room in the hotel was so full of garment racks and clothes you would hardly be able to find the bed!

In the second half of the show, I love the Incredible architecture of the Frank Loyd Wright house Indrani managed to get us. It's the second Blade Runner location we've shot at together.  And it was a perfect building for Kai Kuhne and his very strong architectural clothing.  Kai is an intensely passionate and driven human being with incredible vision and energy.  I was afraid he'd have a hard time with the duo because of their fighting energy, but he was delightful. I can't wait to see what he does next.

Our model was quite simply and truly terrified of heights. She handled it pretty well all things considered. I on the other hand really don't like to yell, but sometimes it's the only way to let Markus know what he needs to know.

See you next Tuesday same time same place with brand-spanking new FASHION!!



Help! Does anyone know who the designer is for the black lace like sweater Indrani wore during the Naomi Campbell photo shoot? She looked great!! and also who designed the gold sparkle leggings she wore??? Thanks :)


Hello -

Does anybody know the name of the architect who designed the house in episode 4 where the Marlies Dekker swimsuit photo shoot was?



GK you are hot, the sexiest guy on TV right now, maybe evr. You're all the things I crave--mysterious, caring, zen, movie star handsome and hysterical on that date. Your dry sense of humor slays me. Bravo should do a show just with you...though I love your interactions with those crazy photographers too.

Guru Meher Khalsa
Guru Meher Khalsa

Just by chance I turned on Double Exposure tonight and began to realize more than half the way through that I was watching someone I knew...you! It wasn't until I read your bio, that I was totally convinced it was you. Congratulations on making it big in the fashion world. I had no idea that you had become a fashion stylist and a famous one at that. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Come visit us in New Mexico some time.


Loveee your fashion sense GK! It must make you cringe being in the middle of such fights and feel bad for everyone involved in it.

Indrani deserves to be treated equally to Markus, even something like hotel rooms. I used to be the little rabbit who never raised her voice as well. A friend who was older than I was told me you hit a certain age and suddenly we don't care what people think and find our voice. She was right, we all do eventually.

Good Luck GK...find a place to hide if they should start to throw things! *just kidding kinda*