Indrani explains the many layers of celebrity through the example of Lindsay Lohan.

Jul 29, 2010

The seeming irony of my work is that it is directly responsible for supporting these celebrity cults, while my attempt to document the process and make it transparent could undercut them. But inevitably the process only adds additional layers of interpretation and interest. We called our show Double Exposure, because what we create is an image that reveals these two layers of meaning superimposed.

As artists, working in a world where consumerism is key, we use all the mediums we can, to reach the widest audience with our images: through ad campaigns, fashion magazines, and now TV. The stakes are very high and the challenges are great, yet our passion overcomes practical limitations.

We seek to create art, through fashion and advertising photography. Clients may not want art, they may just want something that sells. But I believe in using every opportunity to the fullest to maximize our creative process, to explore and find ways to convey meaning and depth and beauty with everything I do. That's part of the self-tortured angst I thrust on Markus every day, and the cause of much of our friction. I always want to push things further, to turn ideas or objects upside down, to explore, stretch, communicate, and create something with meaning and timelessness and the sublime, in a world where surface and speed is all that counts.

If you want to know Lindsay better, watch Double Exposure again carefully. If you want to use the secrets of the stars to be important to your target audience and achieve your highest goals, join my explorations in personal alchemy and look for my book Image Craft at Harper One, later this year.