Jorge Perez

Jorge Perez explains his role in this week's steamy photo shoot.

on Jun 22, 2010

After the Dita shoot we all went to NY to shoot Lindsay Lohan. Shooting Lindsay is never boring, to say the least.  Lindsay and I were talking about what projects to work together next, and she suggested for us to shoot her 6126 leggings campaign. Lindsay is actually a really talented designer and created a leggings line called 6126, which the numbers stands for the day Marilyn Monroe was born (one of Lindsay’s idols). I have bought some of these leggings as gifts for girlfriends and all of them love them. You can order them on:  

When Lindsay is in front of the camera, something incredible happens; some people compare her energy power to Madonna and Courtney Love on stage. She is just so electric and such an amazing model.  Lindsay is also very fast in front of the camera and could give you about 7 different looks-shots in 35 minutes.  She is a passionate artist who marches to her own beat.  The reality is that she has been extremely supportive to us, and we want to support her as well. The media often takes jabs at her, but I believe in her, and I too agree with Indrani when she said that: “Lindsay one day will conquer the world.”