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Jorge Perez

Artistic Integrity

I called Markus and Indrani for a meeting at my office to tell them we were leaving for London to shoot Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell. These two shoots came in very last minute but we couldn’t pass up opportunity. When we first got to London we...
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This much-anticipated episode with Lindsay Lohan has definitely gotten a lot of attention. The reality of the situation is that yes there was a delay, but what’s really important here is how amazing the collaboration between Markus, Indrani, and...
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Keeping it Tame

I constantly have to divide my duties between taking care of my photographers on-set (produce the jobs) and also being at the office soliciting new business for them.  When I feel that a job is pretty corporate and straightforward I usually make a...
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Help Me Help You

I love being Markus’ and Indrani’s agent. I really feel like I am a father and my two kids just hit their first home run in Little League. Working with them is always the most rewarding and dangerous adventure. My Indrani is a beauty with the love...
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