Dracula Dog is Up for Adoption This Halloween

Snuggle him if you dare.

A 7-year-old rescue in Bridgend, South Wales is scaring up a lot of interest—firstly because he is a very cute Lhasa Apso, but secondly because he might be Dracula.

(We’re theorizing, of course. Everyone knows that Dracula transforms from a bat, not a Lhasa Apso, but on the other hand, people are discovering new things about Dracula every day.)

The dog—a 7-year-old named Milo—has an extremely prominent underbite, showcasing two giant teeth that eerily resemble vampire fangs. But that doesn't necessarily mean he vants to suck your blood. He probably just vants to eat beef-in-gravy like any other pup.

Milo is currently being cared for at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Center. The manager, Angela Wetherall, spoke with Mashable, saying, "He may bear an uncanny resemblance to Count Dracula, but he is no bloodhound!" A likely story. 

The good news? Milo is getting so much attention (both at the rescue and now on social media), he is sure to find a forever castle sooner than later.

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