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Cameron's Best 'Dukes of Melrose' Moments

  The Fat Lady has sung and if my life were an opera I composed the diva would be singing a disco aria, perhaps  “Last Dance,”  to celebrate the end of Dukes of Melrose. It is cause for celebration. Filming was nearly eight...
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What Makes a Legend

I will never regret doing Dukes of Melrose solely because tonight's episode is the final TV appearance of a true legendary comedienne -- Phyllis Diller. How fortuitous that months before we lost Madame  (as we affectionately called her), I...
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Cameron's Midnight in Paris

What can be written about the "I Need Paris" episode? Isn't it so obvious? We all need Paris in our lives. I probably travel to Paris a minimum of twice a year and every time I land, I am like a kid in a candy store... more like EYE candy store....
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Cameron: "Glamour Doesn't Wear a Watch"

Tonight's episode was extra glam because I was able to take you into the phenomenal closet of Dita von Teese. Dita is the ultimate Decades woman. Quite frankly, she is the ultimate woman... period! She is glamour 24-7 and understands there is no...
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Cameron: Thrown Under the Bus

I know Dukes of Melrose is not a dramatic as RHOA, but as Britney Spears so eloquently said "I'm not that innocent." Besides, a little drama often yields to a breakthrough and makes for entertaining TV. Let's be honest: this show would be like...
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Decades: No Risk, No Reward

I founded Decades in 1997. When choosing our location at 8214 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, the real estate agent representing the property owner said, "Don't rent this space... there have been so many failed businesses in a row." I nervously...
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Good Management is Hard to Find

Good help may be hard to find, but it's harder to find good management. Fortunately, we found a fantastic store director in Geoffrey Skoglund. Discovering Geoffrey wasn't easy and certainly the suggestion of Christos to use Craig's List to hire a...
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