Christos Garkinos

Christos Garkinos lends a hand to Greece the best way he knows how -- through fashion!

on Apr 24, 2013


If you have been watching the show, you have easily picked up that I am one proud Greek-American.

I'm a son of immigrants who moved at a young age (mom at 12 and dad at 17) to Detroit to pursue the American dream.

My parents met at church, married, and moved into a duplex above my grandparents in the city.

It was a real my big fat Greek wedding. Aunt and uncle down the street. 10 cousins down the road.

Being Greek and being proud of my heritage heavily influenced me.

We dressed to the nines for church. I loved seeing all the Greek women in their dresses, furs, and Chanel bags. Pants were a big no-no.

I was an altar boy and was transfixed with the Byzantine style robes we wore each week.

Traveling to Greece became almost a yearly occurrence from age 15.