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Christos' New York

Christos shares his favorite memories of The Big Apple.

I think it's fitting that our last two episodes take place in the Big Apple.

New York impacted me in so many ways over the years.

I remember:

- Being there for the first time stuck overnight at age 18 on my way to Paris. Walking ever so carefully through Times Square -- I was a Midwestern boy after all. And wondering why all these men were looking at me. Ha!

- Circa 1989 going to the World, the coolest club back in the day. Having the door person summon me in from about 60 feet away. He liked my outfit. A sign of things to come.

- Bumping into my big boss from Disney in the elevator of my NYC hotel and casually mentioning to him I spoke French and would love to work abroad. Cut to leaving for Disney Europe one month later.

- Having a crazy night out at a Lower East Side bar and winning a contest... that I will save for my book!

- Opening the Virgin Megastore in Times Square and having The Fugees, Liza Minnelli, and the Foo Fighters perform.

- Meeting my in-laws for the first time for Thanksgiving for the parade.

- Seeing about 200 plays with my hubby.

- Being one of the first people to stay at the Bowery and the Standard.

- Discovering Jeffrey's. My favorite men's store.

- Showing my mom around the city for the first time since she arrived from Ellis Island.

I think it's appropriate that I write this post on my way back NYC -- where did season finale press.

Thanks everyone for watching. I hope to see you in a New York minute.

In the meanwhile, come to to keep in touch.