Brenda Urban

Brenda defends her comments about Kat's reputation.

on Aug 29, 2013

I hope you all enjoyed the latest Eat, Drink, Love episode. I know I did!

I really love that you are all starting to get to know us ladies a little better, for better or for worse. And it is starting to become clear how we each balance business and pleasure!

Watching Jessica with her father made perfect sense to me. I always knew she is all business all the time, and seeing her with him, I finally see where she gets it from. Her job means everything to her, and she has a hard time turning off her internal business dialogue, which was so cute and funny to watch when she was on her date with Edward. I think that watching “the boss” at a loss for words -- or should I say loss for words that aren’t about the restaurant industry -- was so endearing.

Waylynn is another gal I love to watch. She is finally giving in to spending more time with Andrew, and I love it. It is so nice to see her happy after everything she has been through. But get over the “I don’t date chefs” rule already… clearly it’s happening whether she likes it or not… and clearly she loves it.

On to Kat… it’s no mystery how I feel about John after the crappy comment he made at my birthday. If Kat does want to go into business with him, then that’s her choice, but it doesn’t look to me like that is his true intention… and this, once again, proves that Kat has a hard time differentiating between business and pleasure. In her own words, she has been on many romantic valet lines and eats out almost every night of the week for work. You do the math.  

And then there’s Lindsay.... Where do I even start with this chick? Let’s start by gently reaching up into her ass and pulling the stick out. She is so quick to make fun of Jessica’s business sense, yet she is asking for $5,000 without formally presenting what she can do? It is embarrassing that she says Jess isn’t taking her seriously, when she is not earning that respect!!! I wouldn’t dream of walking into a new business meeting, ask my potential clients for $5,000 and not demonstrate what I can do, show past successes, and present a business plan. Clearly, she can learn a thing or two from Jess and not vice versa. But maybe they don’t teach how to conduct business in bartending school. None of this is surprising to me. The fact that she doesn’t know how to properly dress at a formal dinner, and she says I’m “all over the place” is ironic.  

Which brings us to another dinner with Lindsay, this time at Pink Taco. Once again, Lindsay is completely ungrateful, inappropriate, and rude to the host. Where the hell do some of these ladies learn their manners?  Should Jess have told her about the business deal not happening at the table? No. But what comes around goes around… and if Jess can just Google cocktails and make them herself, then why the hell would she pay Lindsay $5,000 in the first place?