Brenda Urban

Brenda explains what the word really means.

on Sep 5, 2013

Hi everyone!

I must say, this has been my absolute favorite episode of Eat, Drink, Love to date!!

We start out at Tinga, where I definitely need to apologize to Kat about being my blunt self.  I have said it before, and I will say it again… Kat is a friend. I have never said that she sleeps with who she writes about. I have heard that she has a reputation for doing so, so I told her. How quickly the blame is placed on me. Needless to say, I do know a lot about Kat’s social life that she has told me herself. Will I contribute to the rumor mill by confirming what she has told me and what she says herself on camera? No.  

Moving on. Poor Jess. I can’t believe Harry Morton was this much of a coward not to meet with her face-to-face to fire her if he felt he needed to. What a snake. To treat a loyal employee in such a manner just shows that he has no business sense. But not sure what I expected from a restaurant owner that fell into the family business with no real qualifications.

On to my dinner with Waylynn and Kat at The Colonial. Love this place. Like Waylynn says, it is great to work in the restaurant industry because we do get VIP treatment from our fellow colleagues. I love that we didn’t even have to order! A wine-paired dinner off-the-cuff? Sign. Me. Up.  

At this point, my work troubles are really coming to a head. I loved seeing Joey for lunch since again, great to have a fellow woman in the biz provide feedback. And the fact that she is leaving my office to get married was a perfect excuse to bitch about what’s going on without it getting back to my bosses… yet.

OK, onto wine country… lots to say about this trip. Let’s start by addressing that Kat invited Lindsay. The fact that I just told her at dinner that Lindsay is on my shit list, and yet she is coming away with us for the weekend is obviously conniving. Clearly it is still tit for tat, and I’m thinking Kat wants to take the heat off of the both of us. And now there is also other drama between Jess and Lindsay… Kat clearly wants to divert the attention away from her.