Jessica and Edward: Going Strong!

Kat's Intent

Proud of Nina

Kat: Just Say "Thank You!"

Jessica in Back in Action!

Supporting Nina

Brenda: Lindsay Loves Drama

Lindsay Nader: "I'm Very Used to Women Hating on Women"

Waylynn: My Comment was About the Dip!

Jessica: I Know Waylynn Wasn't Calling Me White Trash!

Brenda: Surprised by Waylynn

Nina: I Did Not Ignore Brenda

Nina Shares Her Second Food Festival Dish

Jessica: How I Got Fired

Kat: I Had Brenda's Back

Waylynn's Mixed Feelings

Brenda: Got Milquetoast?

Kat Odell: "I Do Not Sleep with People in the Restaurant Industry"

Jessica on Lindsay: "I Know I Made the Right Decision"

Brenda: "Don't Shoot the Messenger"

Kat's Amuse Bouchon

Brenda's Judgment Day

Waylynn's Wedding Dress Woes

Jess: If You Can't Stand the Heat...

Waylynn: "My Work Speaks for Itself"

Korrecting Kat

Brenda: About Those "Bloggers"...

Nina's Chocolate Tofu Pudding

The 'Eat, Drink, Love' Drinking Game

Kat Odell Gets More Flies with Honey

Waylynn: "I Draw the Line at Truth or Dare"

Brenda: The Truth About Kat and Dogs

Jessica and Edward: Going Strong!

Jess has her first date with her boyfriend on-camera.

What a season! Super sad this is the last blog post. Let’s jump right in…

I thought it was so cool of Nina to ask us to give her advice during a pre-tasting for her pop-up. That is one of the cool things about having friends who are good at their jobs in the same industry as you. I respect her so much as a chef, and she really did take every note we gave her to heart. Of course the downer of that was the weird Lindsay situation, but honestly I don’t want to take the attention away from Nina by even talking about that... Lindsay has already done that enough. I know Kat did not mean any harm when she “took credit” for helping with the menu. She was more excited than anyone to help promote Nina’s event and happily put it on Eater. I brought Nina outside after the drama happened just to let her know that even if Kat didn’t show up, I still liked and supported her. Just because I left when Kat did, didn’t mean I wouldn’t continue to help and support Nina in every way possible. Just like Waylynn says in almost every scene of every episode, we should all support each other! She is 100% right.

The pop-up itself was so much fun! The food was AMAZING. The soup was my favorite (essence of corn, dash of beet powder,spicy celery ice cube). I could eat buckets of that. Kudos, Nina. Look at Brenda -- getting all cozy on a second date! Haha I am not one for PDA if you can’t tell, but it was awesome seeing Brenda happy. Speaking of good looking-guys… look who we see in the kitchen -- Marcel! What what! You probably recognize Marcel Vigneron from Top Chef. One thing I love about him is he takes great pride in plating a dish. It’s always so beautiful! It was awesome to get to chat with him the night of the pop-up. 

I would like to wrap up with my hot date at Crust! Ohhh Edward. Our first date was on-camera, and we are still going strong! He is the most amazing person I have ever met, and the fact our relationship began on-camera is so exciting! We can always look back at how awkward I am! Ha! Nothing much has changed in that department, but at least he gets me. I do feel lucky to have him in my life, especially through all the drama. He has been such a rock, offering unwavering support to me during times that aren’t the most fun.

Ask me more questions on how things are going and what's to come on Twitter @justjessla! Just because this is the last episode of the season doesn’t mean the drama is over!