Jessica Miller

Jessica notices patterns in her castmates' behavior.

on Aug 11, 20130

Braaaaavo, Bravo! First of all, heyyy everybody! Excited for my first ever blog post! What did ya’ll think? OK, pretty loaded episode right? Here’s a more in depth look at my thoughts and feelings on tonight’s episode. PS: I am so curious for your feedback. PLEASE send any questions or comments to me via Twitter! @justjessla

Realization number 1: before you go on National TV, look in the mirror, and No. 2: watch your facial expressions. My frizzy hair and crazy facial expressions will now never be forgotten. Oooops! Ha. It really is weird looking at myself on TV. Everyone has always told me I look like I’m 12, and I never really believed them until right now. OK, now for the good stuff.

So obviously by now you can tell I am a harsh boss. I do not put up with goofing off in the kitchen. I respect my team so much, and know they are qualified and capable for producing impeccable results that meet my standards. If it looks like I am being very blunt and strict, it’s because I am. If I didn’t feel like my team could meet my standards, they would be fired in a heartbeat. I don’t have time to babysit. There are plenty of chefs in this world, and I choose who works for us. I hope they understand the fact that my harshness is trying to better our product, and essentially make them more money. Who wouldn’t want a raise right? Definitely the Doogie Houser of the industry.

Can we for a quick second discuss the amazing chefs, restaurants, and restaurateurs we meet in episode 1? Chef Eric Greenspan, Steven Arroryo, John Terzian, PlanCheck, Public, etc. Holy cow… and it's only the first episode. Kind of freaking out about that. I have looked up to John Terzian for sooo long; he’s been a role model for restaurateurs. His venues are always classy, and run very tightly, (and make a done of $$$$$.)