Jessica Miller

Jessica notices patterns in her castmates' behavior.

on Aug 11, 2013

I think it was kind of rude of Waylynn to suggest Kat chose the Shore Bar location to make Brenda’s birthday party about her. To get a bunch of friends together in LA.. for a birthday party is suuuper expensive (I typically charge a 10K minimum for similar spaces). Kat got that space free of room rental charges... at Shore Bar. That’s a BIG deal! Seriously, the reason she did it was because she wanted Brenda to have a great birthday. I’m sure she probably sees that now looking back. Waylynn is seriously one of the most badass chicks I’ve ever met, and I definitely have a girl crush on her! No wonder she’s always getting hit on! 

OK, I am going to comment on the Brenda/Kat drama very briefly, and probably won’t mention too much about it after this because I am so close with both of them. Kat loves to love. She is looking for her Prince Charming, and since she is always working, of course she is going to chat about guys she’s dating in the industry. If others construe her excitement about potential relationships in other ways, it is their prerogative.  

I really hope Brenda says in her blog what kind of sex she was going to compare fonuts too. I’ll give you a hint: it would be the BUTT of the joke! Ha! 

I’ll leave you with this: here’s a quick drinking game I came up with… in case you’re in to that kind of thing:

Kat: drink every time you see a different neon color on her nails or says her word of the day.

Brenda: drink every time she holds a glass of white wine.

Nina: drink every time Nina smells a vegetable.

Jess: drink every time I roll my eyes.

Waylinn: drink every time she gets a gift from a guy.