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Kat: Just Say "Thank You!"

Kat defends her email inviting friends to Nina's pop-up.

First Lindsay is in hot water with Brenda, then she flat out lies to Jess, and in this week's episode she attempts to pick a fight with me. 

What really happened is that Nina came over to my apartment to ask me for help with the pop-up and her menu. We extensively talked through her bill of fare, what she was cooking, all the components, and whether the dishes made sense for the pop-up. The advice I gave her at the time was less is more. I initially thought her menu was overly complicated and advised her to focus on fewer components and do those really well as opposed to more complicated recipes which would potentially leave more room for error. 

I sent out a quick email blast to a few friends in the industry (one of which bought eight of the 50 tickets, I should add) noting that a friend was doing a pop-up with a menu that sounded great. I did not include Nina's name in the email because nobody knows who she is, and if any of my friends come out (which they did), they would be coming to support me, not a random chef they don't know. In an effort to incentivize my friends to attend the dinner, I added that I helped with the menu. In saying that, I meant exactly what I just previously explained. Nina came over to me to ask for help/advice and I helped her with her menu. In no way shape or form was I ever attempting to take any credit for creating her menu. And on top of that, I added a post to Eater with all the details on her pop-up as seen here. All vital details are mentioned, her name, her menu etc. So the fact that Lindsay had the audacity to say ANYTHING to me other than THANK YOU is ridiculous. And this wasn't even her event, it was Nina's!