Korrecting Kat

Kat's Intent

Jessica and Edward: Going Strong!

Proud of Nina

Kat: Just Say "Thank You!"

Jessica in Back in Action!

Supporting Nina

Brenda: Lindsay Loves Drama

Lindsay Nader: "I'm Very Used to Women Hating on Women"

Waylynn: My Comment was About the Dip!

Jessica: I Know Waylynn Wasn't Calling Me White Trash!

Brenda: Surprised by Waylynn

Nina: I Did Not Ignore Brenda

Nina Shares Her Second Food Festival Dish

Jessica: How I Got Fired

Kat: I Had Brenda's Back

Waylynn's Mixed Feelings

Brenda: Got Milquetoast?

Kat Odell: "I Do Not Sleep with People in the Restaurant Industry"

Jessica on Lindsay: "I Know I Made the Right Decision"

Brenda: "Don't Shoot the Messenger"

Kat's Amuse Bouchon

Brenda's Judgment Day

Waylynn's Wedding Dress Woes

Jess: If You Can't Stand the Heat...

Waylynn: "My Work Speaks for Itself"

Brenda: About Those "Bloggers"...

Nina's Chocolate Tofu Pudding

The 'Eat, Drink, Love' Drinking Game

Kat Odell Gets More Flies with Honey

Waylynn: "I Draw the Line at Truth or Dare"

Brenda: The Truth About Kat and Dogs

Korrecting Kat

Kat explains what happened with Waylynn's "One Year In" interview.

It's only fitting that episode two focuses around Los Angeles Food & Wine, being that the festival takes place in Downtown L.A. next week. Perfect timing. Check out the situation right here. 

On the subject of Nina's dishes, I will say that I thought they were both great. In no way shape or form was I trying to say Nina's ingredients were not fresh. 

With regard to Waylynn and "One Year In," I do always use a voice recorder for interviews, and on this occasion didn't have one. Which is completely my own fault. However, when I spoke to Waylynn and she informed me of the inconsistencies in the article, I told her immediately that I would update the piece, although she wouldn't let me. I offered about four or five times to change it, not wanting inaccurate information on Eater, but she would never let me amend the article to reflect her words. Which, if it's so incorrect, really makes no sense. Ultimately, I was just trying to help her and her business.

For anyone in the L.A. area, I had some great meals this week! From sweet corn ice cream with toasted almonds (does that count as a meal?!) to an incredible corned beef burger from newbie The Doughroom in West L.A. I tried a pretty great ube (purple yam) upside down pie and Nutella bread pudding by Creme Caramel L.A. (they're soon opening a dessert boutique in Sherman Oaks). And because I am addicted as ever to the incredible Chinese food in the San Gabriel Valley, I revisited Chengdu Taste, followed by some black sticky rice with coconut and silken tofu with tapioca and mango from Phoenix for dessert. 

Looking forward to Acabar (how pretty is this place), Maru, Pearl's, and sooooo excited about secret beef restaurant Totoraku later this week! Follow me on Twitter @kat_odell and Instagram for the latest.